Packetization Technology that Makes a Difference

Our ability to transport data around a network without the need for configuration has provided Phoenix Digital with a unique approach to reliable communication.  This is accomplished through several operations being handled by our fiber media converters without the need for user intervention. 

One of the technologies utilized in our Ethernet communication modules is encapsulation to transport data around the network.  Although Ethernet packetization is not new, the Phoenix Digital approach is unusual. 

Typically, Ethernet packetization requires some type of conversion, which creates some challenges because processor cycles must accomplish this both on the ingress and egress side of the process.  In high performance / high reliability networks that have response time concerns but require several units in a network, this latency can build quickly to potentially problematic levels.  Therefore, the standard approach would just not be adequate for most of these applications.  For this reason, the Phoenix Digital approach was designed to be different.

Phoenix Digital designed our packetization approach to take in the unmodified Ethernet packet and place it into assigned areas of our data stream.  These packets are then transported from module to module around the network in opposing directions redundantly. At each location, the packet is “cloned” to allow for minimal latency to build as the packets transition module locations. Our approach keeps response times well within critical time response criteria of all but the most restrictive networks.  This allows the Phoenix Digital modules to have PTP (Precision Time Protocol) I/O synchronization well within nanosecond timing constraints across the entire network.          

In addition to timing, networks have security concerns, which the Phoenix Digital packetization technology addresses directly.  Because no modifications are done to the customer data presented to the device, there is no “cross contamination” of data.  The customer data is kept isolated from the background data stream Phoenix Digital uses for diagnostics and communication management. 

This approach works in tandem with our decision to eliminate software-based configuration to create an extra layer of security.  As a result, Phoenix Digital modules cannot be manipulated in function or performance without direct manual intervention, which improves network security and positively contributes to the overall defense in depth of the network. 

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