About Us

softingFounded in 1992, Phoenix Digital is part of Softing AG, a leading global provider of communication, security and computer applications for the Industrial Automation and Automotive Industries.

We operate on the principal that industrial fiber optic networking shouldn’t be difficult.

Our years of expertise have shown that a secure, redundant, multi-fault tolerant fiber optic Ethernet communications network, featuring true plug-and-play modules, is not only possible but also offers significant advantages.

Our communication modules deliver increased plant-level connectivity of process and power devices without the complexity and expense of a software-based IT based solution. Our solutions require no IP programming, software updates, security patches, driver updates or memory flash configurations.

With over 300,000 nodes installed in demanding environments such as oil and gas, water/wastewater, mining, bridges and tunnels, and power generation, we provide industry with the most resilient, robust, high performance fiber optic networking available today. 

Phoenix Digital offers an industrial-hardened networking solution, built specifically for the most demanding applications. Contact us today for the assistance you need.