Water & Wastewater

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Access to clean, fresh water and the elimination and treatment of wastewater is critical to the health and well being of the global population.  Water is a common bond that no one, regardless of wealth or location, can live without.  Consistent, high-performing, secure water treatment systems drive economic expansion, increase GDP, alleviate disease and lower infant mortality.

Globally, the water and wastewater infrastructure is in very poor condition, with more and more investment being cut or eliminated.  Compounding this, the current Ethernet control systems are susceptible to security vulnerabilities and hacking. And the maintenance staff that supports these systems is aging and retiring at a faster and faster rate, taking the knowledge of these systems with them.

As municipalities rehabilitate legacy systems and expand to accommodate population growth, consideration is in place to provide technology that is not only easy to operate, but also provides security and remote access to the control system.  Today, these infrastructure projects are supported by a robust system of controllers, motors, actuators, sensors, and networks to provide increased reliability and maintainability. 

Critical to the operation of these control systems is a secure Ethernet-based backbone that supports data communication to and from intelligent I/O devices that provide coordinated operation of the assets’ systems.

For over 30 years, Phoenix Digital’s redundant, self-healing networks have provided these critical assets a very high level of operational uptime for the water industry. 

With no long-term support costs, our technology is easily maintained by the local contractor staff or resident electrician.   The PDC system is completely secure, is not susceptible to security vulnerabilities and has no software-based user interface.  It is a true plug and play I/O networking solution for process automation.

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Or to learn more, click here for our Specification Sheets.