Oil & Gas

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Safety is the top priority for companies in the oil and gas industry.  The exposure and processing of gas, oil and chemicals are among the riskiest of all the industries.  Incredible thought and effort go into making the systems responsible for manufacturing these products as reliable and failsafe as possible.

Multi-fault tolerant control and networks are not an option but are absolutely required in this critical industry.  Control systems cannot stop functioning should failures of single systems or networks occur.  The oil and gas industry requires 24/7 uptime.  Redundant, self-healing systems are demanded and required for the operation of safe, high-performance applications.

Phoenix Digital’s redundant fiber optic Ethernet self-healing networks provide the very high level of operational uptime necessary for oil and gas operations. 

Our technology is easily maintained by the local staff.  It can be repaired or expanded while energized in seconds without network downtime, keeping the system running with maximum uptime. PDC fiber optic media converters are completely secure and have no software-based user interface.

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Or to learn more, click here for our Specification Sheets.