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Successful business operations in the mining industry require 100% asset utilization, 24/7 uptime and minimal personal involvement in mining processes.

The proliferation of autonomous mining equipment that is operated remotely by skilled individuals is required for safe, profitable operations. Predictive maintenance of this heavy equipment is monitored around the clock by equipment suppliers thousands of miles away, providing the mine with vital information on equipment health and maintenance suggestions.

Maintaining this level of high technology and remote access requires a strong, robust, redundant Ethernet-based network to capture “edge” I/O devices that transmit machine sensor data and performance variables to remote control rooms where critical decisions are made.

For over 30 years, Phoenix Digital has provided redundant fiber optic Ethernet self-healing networks that offer these critical assets a very high level of operational uptime. 

Our technology is easily maintained by the local contractor staff or resident electrician and can be repaired or expanded while energized in seconds without network downtime, saving cost and keeping the operation running with maximum uptime. PDC communication modules are not susceptible to security vulnerabilities and have no software-based user interface. They are a true plug-and-play I/O networking solution for process automation.

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Or to learn more, click here for our Specification Sheets.