Building Automation

building automationToday’s office buildings, factories and hospitals are much more than just brick and mortar structures. They encompass vast networks that tie together every essential function in those structures to become smart buildings.

One key component is the backbone that controls and connects every building’s security appliances, such as access control systems, cameras, monitors, and security panels. These critical networks require 24/7/365 operation with no downtime.

Achieving continual uptime is complicated by the complex, IT-dependent networks often employed to connect and monitor automation appliances.

But the Phoenix Digital OCR Ethernet switch offers a solution that cuts through the complexity while maintaining critical 24/7/365 operation. It is a plug-and-play, high performance, redundant fiber, self-healing, built-for-purpose network switch for your building automation projects.

The OCR is easy to deploy and easy to maintain. The OCR supports up to 1Gbit/sec network speeds, and uniquely, can support those speeds up to 100% bandwidth utilization. This is only possible because of the patented technique of packetization between modules that always runs at 100% carrying network data.

Furthermore, our Ethernet switches are completely secure, are not susceptible to the typical security vulnerabilities requiring regular updates and have no software-based user interface.

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