Bridges & Tunnels

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Across the world, bridges and tunnels are key infrastructure systems that facilitate growth, transport, and delivery of goods and services that are critical to overall economic well-being. These systems are required to be operational 24/7/365 with minimal involvement by staff or maintenance personnel. 

To achieve the high level of reliability required, these structures are designed with mechanical and electrical back-up systems to provide operation in the most demanding environmental conditions. 

Today, these infrastructure projects are supported by a robust system of controllers, motors, actuators, sensors, and networks to provide increased reliability and maintainability.  Many of these systems can be accessed remotely for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Critical to the operation of these control systems is an Ethernet-based backbone that supports data communication to and from intelligent I/O devices that provide coordinated operation of the assets’ systems.

Phoenix Digital provides redundant self-healing networks that affords these critical assets a very high level of operational uptime, for any Ethernet-based control platform. 

Our technology is easily maintained by the local contractor staff and has no long-term support costs. PDC fiber optic converters are completely secure, are not susceptible to security vulnerabilities and have no software-based user interface.

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Or to learn more, click here for our Specification Sheets.