OCX Fiber Media Converter for ControlLogix®

The OCX fiber media converter is a true plug-and-play module engineered specifically for Rockwell Automation’s 1756 ControlLogix platform.

The OCX family of products supports Ethernet, Controlnet, Data Highway, and Modbus RTU. The OCX fiber optic media converter is 1756-RM2 and 1757-SRM Redundancy Module Compliant to reside in the processor chassis. The OCX module is available as ControlLogix 1756 in-chassis or as a stand-alone panel mount in an industrial hardened case.

Creating a fully redundant, multi-fault tolerant network, the OCX is secure and easy to deploy and maintain. Even in-chassis, this fiber media converter uses redundant ring-based technology for industrial I/O peer to peer networking in the most challenging environments.

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