Communication Modules

Our in-chassis and stand-alone fiber optic networking solutions are compatible with any automation vendor’s control platform with any variation of protocols.

Our flagship plug-and-play communication module, the OCR, is universally applicable to any control platform, but we also have developed models for specific vendor applications, including:

Regardless of platform, all our communication module models provide a highly robust, multi-fault tolerant network managed by preconfigured data packets.

That packetization technology is one key to the success of our fiber optic networking solutions. The packets keep data secure by preventing a mixed data stream, and the preconfiguration creates a true plug-and-play scenario that requires no IP addressing or programming. As soon as a PDC communication module is plugged in, it can communicate with the network.

The lack of IP addressing provides another layer of security – no IP address means no way for outside systems to see the modules. If a communication module can’t be seen, it can’t be attacked.

Another key, and the backbone of all our products across all platforms, is the redundant, synchronized, dual, counter-rotating network ring topologies we employ.

The dual, counter-rotating nature of our networks provides true redundancy, with two dedicated paths of communication. If one device fails for some reason, the ring will self-heal, allowing the modules to continue to communicate. And, with a stable, operational state in less than 10 seconds after power loss our I/O switches will remain active and communicating regardless of the system’s failure state.

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