Fiber Optic Converter for Omron Control Systems

omronIf you rely on Omron’s control and HMI platforms, you need Phoenix Digital's plug-and-play fiber optic network switches to provide the multi-fault tolerant, redundant Ethernet communication that your applications demand.

Our fiber optic converter for these I/O and peer-to-peer networks is available as a standalone, DIN-rail mounted unit and supports all Omron’s high availability, redundant platforms.

The PDC fiber optic network switch creates a network that is easy to install, quick to repair and completely secure.  It is specifically designed for mission critical DCS and Discrete I/O and peer-to-peer applications that require superior uptime and simple deployment and maintenance.

Our network sets up in minutes with 1 dip switch and has no software programming or system configuration.  Each fiber optic converter is auto recognized as it is added to or dropped from the system network. 

The PDC system does not require any software updates, security patches, driver updates or memory flash configurations, ever.

Utilizing our packet encapsulation technology and dual ring deployment, our fiber optic network switch supports nanosecond PTP Network I/O synchronization and recovers to a stable, operational state in less than 10 seconds after power loss regardless of unit count on the network or I/O devices connected.

Our redundant fiber optic converter modules can be configured in any popular I/O and peer-to-peer network topology (ring, bus, star, tree, point-to-point, etc.). Communication distances beyond 6 miles (10 kilometers) between modules using multimode fiber optic cable are achievable, as are distances over 60 miles (96 kilometers) with single-mode fiber cable.

Our fiber optic network switch provides 30-sec MTTR (mean time to repair) and supports IEC 61850 power automation protocol.

Phoenix Digital has years of experience with industrial I/O networks for all Omron applications. Contact us today for the fiber optic converters you need.

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