30-Second MTTR

Phoenix Digital communication modules feature a 30-second MTTR, or mean time to repair. That’s it. Just half a minute from removing the bad device to the new device being fully functional.

MTTR, which represents the actual repair time from disconnecting the problem device to having the new device up and running, is a useful figure to know when designing, reconfiguring or replacing a network.

But MTTR isn’t just a way of quantifying downtime. It’s also a critical component of your total cost of ownership. Beyond the initial purchase price, you also need to consider the cost risk of downtime and its ripple effects. Less downtime can significantly lower the overall lifetime cost of your system.

The reason for our 30-second MTTR is simple: PDC modules require no software and no IP addressing. They’re truly plug-and-play fiber media converters. There’s nothing to do except connect the wiring. We hard-code everything else into our firmware, rather than pushing the responsibility for configuration onto our customers. As soon as a PDC module is plugged in, it auto-recognizes connections and automatically talks to the other modules.

Compare that to the 30-minute average for managed switches, and the benefits of a PDC fiber media converter become apparent.

Your control platform network is the lifeblood of your operation. If the network is down, work ceases, with significant downtime having a material impact on your bottom line. Everything you can do to decrease downtime is to your benefit.

Contact Phoenix Digital today to learn how our 30-second MTTR can benefit your operation.