10-Second Power-Up

Phoenix Digital communication modules feature a 10-second power-up. You read that right: within 10 seconds of power returning, our fiber media converters are up and talking to each other, ready to communicate with your devices once they’re back online.

Compared to the one- to two-minute powerup of other modules, the difference means everything for time-sensitive applications.

The utter simplicity of our communication modules is the driving force behind our 10-second power-up.

With no software and no configuration required, there’s no external lead time before our fiber media converters are back in action. Our firmware is coded with all the necessary details, and that code is optimized to run as quickly as possible.

Our 10-second power-up provides other benefits, as well:

  • Better use of personnel, since no one needs to validate software as the modules come back online
  • No concern about which components should be powered up first, since you know the PDC communication modules will be up in 10 seconds

Beyond our 10-second power-up, the reliability of Phoenix Digital’s fiber optic networking is unparalleled. Our redundant dual-ring topology and packetization encapsulation technology ensure your data is securely and efficiently transmitted from node to node.

No one wants a power outage, but everyone knows some type of disruption is virtually inevitable. When the inevitable does occur, it’s good to know your communication network will be there, ready to go, in just 10 seconds.

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