It funded its R&D and early operations with SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research Program) and its software based Modbus Port Expander (to allow multiple Modbus masters on a single network).  In the early days of factory networking, fiber optics was not the preferred choice.  Phoenix Digital secured early wins with many of the major automation and control suppliers by offering to package their technology in the form factor of the host control system.  Today their products are recognized globally as state of the art, simple to install and use, and are the preferred fiber optic network for the evolving automation and control markets.

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Simplified Industrial Networking for the Connected Enterprise

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Phoenix Digital Corporation is the Global leader in rack based and panel mounted Fiber Optic Communication Networks for the industrial automation market.  We manufacture reliable solutions that incorporate Ethernet based smart switch technology giving customers a redundant, fault tolerant communication platform that will enhance any industrial network.  Our products deliver increased plant level connectivity of process and power devices to the Connected Enterprise without the complexity and expense of a software based IT based solution.  With over 300,000 nodes installed in the most demanding environments such as Oil and Gas, Water/Wastewater, Mining and Power Generation we provide industry with the most resilient, robust, high performance Fiber Optic Network system available today. 

About Us

Company History

The Phoenix Digital Corporation was founded in 1992.  The original company was a venture capital funded venture with a number of unrelated products/markets focus.  The investor group hired Tom O'Connor of the Philadelphia
area as Chief Executive Officer to rationalize their investment, restore the company to profitability, and develop a strategic path forward.  The company obsoleted or sold off everything but its factory automation and communications products and subsequently patented its redundant, fault tolerant fiber optic communication technology and architecture.

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