Mining and Metals Industry

Today’s mines are located in some of the most extreme and remote parts of the world.  Around the clock operations are required and a few minutes of downtime can cost mining companies hundreds of thousands of dollars which have a direct impact on the profitability of the mine.  Mining companies are adopting more and more technology to operate these expansive facilities with systems like autonomous systems, remote monitoring, and drilling.   A Fiber Optic communication infrastructure has very high bandwidth, is physically robust, is electrically noise tolerant and can support extreme long distances.

With over 300,000 nodes installed in the most demanding environments such as Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Mining and Infrastructure we provide industry with the most resilient, robust Fiber Optic Network systems available today.

Water/Wastewater Industry

Fiber Optics have been, and continue to be the network media of choice for this critical industry.  Fiber Optics work in wet/underwater environments, corrosive  applications, and are completely immune to electrical noise from switched power systems such as high power AC Drives, harmonics, heaters, and welders, and can easily be run for miles without the need for repeaters.

Simplified Industrial Networking for the Connected Enterprise

Phoenix Digital 

High Network Reliability for Extreme Environments

Oil and Gas Industry

Safety, environmental responsibility, and deploying automation technology over a massive geographical area are necessities that Oil and Gas companies deal with daily.  Critical infrastructure uptime is paramount to safety, profitability, and regulatory responsibility.  Redundant, self-healing, Fiber Optic Networks have been deployed for decades to help Oil and Gas companies deal with long distance communication, extreme environmental conditions, explosive applications, and 24/7/365 reliability, in upstream, downstream, and subsea applications. 

High Availability infrastructure applications

Critical infrastructure projects such as Bridges, Tunnels, Canals, Locks and Dams, Power Generation and Distribution all need uninterrupted communications capabilities which can operate in extreme environments and over long distances. These types of installations can benefit from a fiber optic communications network that is inherently redundant, and that can ensure system availability even with a catastrophic failure of one of the communication links.

Fiber Optic Communications Networks 
for the worlds most demanding markets